Volume 50 Issue 3

Psychometric characteristics of perception of disease
Marija Branković
Psihologija, 2017 50(3):
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Modeling criminal factors relapse among people
Iris Žeželj
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Adult respect and respect for parents, referring to the consideration in respect of the parent - child relationshiip
Artyunova Maria
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Problem of the existence of ideological differ-ences between generations
Tristan Rigler
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Determine the dependence of expression of situational Anxiety and depression of polymorphisms
Iris Žeželj Dušan
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Generative as age task period adulthood
Rollero Tartaglia
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Problem of intergenerational interaction is one of the most acute in modern society
Jelica Zotović
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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The wars of postmodern stage: the theoretical expla-nations, applications and perspectives
Babir Guliyev
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Results of the simulation of clinical and patho-logical, socio-demographic, psychological risk factors
Maša Purić
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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Analysis of modern foreign studies on the factors
Vukčević Jelena
Psihologija, 2017 50(3)
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