Career Adaptability in Serbia: Examining the CAAS model

Mirković Biljana, Suvajdžić Katarina, Dostanić Jelena


This study examined the psychometric properties of a Serbian translation of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS – Serbian Form). Two different studies involving Serbian employed adults were conducted. In the first study (n = 374), the results of confirmatory factor analyses supported the four-factor structure of the scale and it is shown that the overall CAAS score and sub-dimension scores were highly reliable. The second study (n = 270) demonstrated the external validity of the instrument. Correlations with narcissism, career satisfaction, supervisory support, perceived social support, and burnout were consistent with the theoretical expectations and results of previous studies, suggesting good external validity of the instrument. The configural, metric, scalar, and residual measurement invariance of the CAAS – Serbian Form among two samples were established. It was concluded that the CAAS – Serbian Form has adequate psychometric properties, and hence could be considered as a reliable and valid instrument for measuring career adaptability of employed adults. [Project of the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Grant no. 179002]


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