Doctors' Involvement in Volunteerism & Its Relationship to Promoting National Belonging

Anwer Jabbar Ali, Wijdan Adheem Abdulhasan


Doctors participated in volunteering to support the October 2019 protest movement in the city of Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces. The importance of the participation of doctors in volunteer work is enhanced by strengthening belonging to their homelands, and by developing their intellectual, artistic, scientific and practical skills and capabilities, and by providing wide opportunities for them to express their views on issues of concern to their societies. The participation of the medical cadres in supporting the protests and saving the injured and the wounded was a major role in the success of the protest movement. The aim of the study is to identify the level of involvement in volunteer work and national belonging to the Doctors participating in the protests, knowing the differences between the two genders. In addition, finding the correlation between volunteering and national belonging. The sample consisted of (150) doctors working in government hospitals in the city of Baghdad and participated in helping the wounded demonstrators and participants in the October 2019 protest movement, their ages ranged between (28-50) years, with an average of (35 years. The results reached that the research sample has a positive side concerning engaging in volunteer work there is a relationship between the two variables, the engaging in volunteer work is directly proportional to national belonging.

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