Youth attitudes towards clerics in Iraq: Anthropological study

Jameel Mohsin Mansoor


The study is an attempt to shed light on the attitudes of young people towards the clerics in Iraq after 2003, due to their important and direct impact on the political and social processes. After 2003, the environment has created a sort of inclinations and tendencies by individuals. Therefore, being acquainted with these inclinations has necessity to identify the acceptability of religious clerics among young people. The research aims to clarify the differences between the youth and the nature of their attitudes towards the clerics according to the variables (age - education - living level). Also, it highlights the characteristics of cleric's rhetoric from the view of the youth. Nonetheless, the research problem focuses on the serious issue concerning a group of youth whose their social, political and religious lives affected by the cleric's ideas, opinions and attitudes. Putting it differently, the youth in community constitute a solid ground for clerics due to their ages, characterized by vitality and vigor,  that makes them easily affected by the religious ideas and thoughts, issued by clerics. On this basis, the study arises from a major question: what are the youth attitudes towards the clerics in Iraq? This question diverges into sub-questions: What do we mean by clerics? What are their perceptions? Do the clerics affect young people in community?

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