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Vol 50, No 1 (2017): psihologija A corrigendum on paper: Effects of symmetry and familiarity on the attractiveness of human faces, Tatjana Mentus and Slobodan Marković, DOI: 10.2298/PSI1603301M published in Psihologija 49(3), 301-311 Abstract   Untitled
Editorial .
Vol 49, No 2 (2016): psihologija A corrigendum on paper: On advantage of seeing text and hearing speech, published in Psihologija journal Vol. 44 (1), 61-70, DOI:10.2298/PSI1101061Z Abstract   Untitled
Editorial .
Vol 50, No 3 (2017): psihologija A cross-cultural comparison for preference for symmetry: Comparing British and Egyptians non-experts Abstract   Untitled
Bode Carole, Helmy Mai, Bertamini Marco
Vol 50, No 1 (2017): psihologija A general factor of personality in a sample of inmates: Associations with indicators of life-history strategy and covitality Abstract   Untitled
Međedović Janko, Kujačić Daliborka
Vol 52, No 4 (2019): psihologija A model of attitudinal outcomes of teachers' psychological capital Abstract   Untitled
Karakus Mehmet, Ersozlu Alpay, Demir Selcuk, Usak Muhammet, Wildy Helen
Vol 51, No 2 (2018): psihologija A model of the relationships between the Big Five personality traits and the motivations to deliver word-of-mouth online Abstract   Untitled
Anastasiei Bogdan, Dospinescu Nicoleta
Vol 50, No 2 (2017): psihologija A six-factor model of brand personality and its predictive validity Abstract   Untitled
Živanović Marko, Čerović Sofija, Bjekić Jovana
Vol 49, No 1 (2016): psihologija Adaptation and empirical evaluation of the questionnaire on students’ motivation towards science learning Abstract   Untitled
Olić Stanislava, Ninković Stefan, Adamov Jasna
Vol 49, No 3 (2016): psihologija Adaptation of Harvard Trauma questionnaire for working with refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia Abstract   Untitled
Vukčević Maša, Momirović Jelena, Purić Danka
Vol 50, No 3 (2017): psihologija Affect and self-efficacy infuse the experience of ambivalent photographs Abstract   Untitled
Muth Claudia, Albrecht Sabine, Carbon Claus-Christian
Vol 51, No 4 (2018): psihologija Aggressiveness in the HEXACO personality model Abstract   Untitled
Sokolovska Valentina, Dinić Bojana M., Tomašević Aleksandar
Vol 52, No 5 (2019): psihologija An ASSURE-Model Instructional Design Based on Active Learning Strategies and its Effect for 1st Intermediate Student's Higher Order Thinking Skills in Teaching Science Text Book Abstract   PDF
Sami Hameed Kadhim Al-Khattat, Raheemah Rwayyih Habeeb, Ali Raheem Mohammed
Vol 52, No 3 (2019): psihologija An integrated model of work engagement: How the satisfaction of basic psychological needs explains the relationship between personality and work engagement Abstract   Untitled
Prokesova Lenka, Vaculik Martin, Kasparkova Ludmila, Prochazka Jakub
Vol 51, No 4 (2018): psihologija Analyzing data from memory tasks - comparison of ANOVA, logistic regression and mixed logit model Abstract   Untitled
Popović-Stijačić Milica, Mihić Ljiljana, Filipović-Đurđević Dušica
Vol 52, No 1 (2019): psihologija Approach/avoidance personality traits as predictors of psychopathology in convicted offenders Abstract   Untitled
Naumova Katerina, Kitkanj Zoran
Vol 51, No 1 (2018): psihologija Assessing the candidate in the selection interview: The role of interviewer’s personality Abstract   Untitled
Čerović Sofija, Petrović Ivana B.
Vol 50, No 2 (2017): psihologija Association of attachment disorganization, attachment-related emotion regulation, and cortisol response after standardized psychosocial stress procedure: A pilot study Abstract   Untitled
Petrowski Katja, Beetz Andrea, Schurig Susan, Wintermann Gloria-Beatrice, Buchheim Anna
Vol 49, No 4 (2016): psihologija Attachment to parents and friends as a context for development of self-concept in adolescence: The personality traits as mediators Abstract   Untitled
Krstić Ksenija
Vol 50, No 3 (2017): psihologija Attractiveness of the female body: Preference for the average or the supernormal? Abstract   Untitled
Marković Slobodan, Bulut Tara
Vol 49, No 4 (2016): psihologija Automatic essay assessment: Effects on students’ acceptance and on learning-related characteristics Abstract   Untitled
Seifried Eva, Lenhard Wolfgang, Spinath Birgit
Vol 52, No 4 (2019): psihologija Body mass index, personality traits, and body image in Italian pre-adolescents: An opportunity for overweight prevention Abstract   Untitled
Rosa Veronica, Tomai Manuela, Lauriola Marco, Martino Gabriella, Di Trani Michela
Vol 50, No 3 (2017): psihologija Can music be figurative? Exploring the possibility of crossmodal similarities between music and visual arts Abstract   Untitled
Actis-Grosso Rossana, Lega Carlotta, Zani Alessandro, Daneyko Olga, Cattaneo Zaira, Zavagno Daniele
Vol 49, No 2 (2016): psihologija Can there be an immoral morality? Dark personality traits as predictors of moral foundations Abstract   Untitled
Međedović Janko, Petrović Boban
Vol 52, No 6 (2020): psihologija Career Adaptability in Serbia: Examining the CAAS model Abstract
Mirković Biljana, Suvajdžić Katarina, Dostanić Jelena
Vol 51, No 4 (2018): psihologija Cognitive and metacognitive strategies as predictors of language learning outcomes Abstract   Untitled
Saks Katrin, Leijen Äli
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